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How to Position Yourself as An Expert

March 17, 2022

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Can we get real for a second? Because you’ve been lied to about what a very popular term ✨actually✨ means…

What the F does “positioning yourself as an authority” even mean…?

I’ve been in this online space for a few years, and there are constant “buzz words” being thrown around all the time that sound amazing, but no one can actually explain what they mean or how to implement them.

So let’s break this down for a minute.

What Does It Mean to Be An Authority?

Being an authority isn’t actually about being an expert… like kind of… but not really.

Authority is actually a sales psychology tactic.

In psychology, when someone is an authority, we listen to what they say.

They doctor says take this medicine, so you don’t question them and take the medicine.

I say buy my offer, so you don’t question me and you buy my offer.

So how do you get to a place where people want to act on all those call to actions your dropping?

You build authority through demonstrating your expertise.

You need to create content that speaks deeply to your ideal client, showcases your knowledge about your area of expertise, and creates scroll stopping, thought provoking conversations.

The process to creating content that makes dream clients pay attention to you AND take action?

3 Steps to Build Authority

1. Get crystal clear on your ideal client

Your ideal client is the person you dream of buying your product or service. They have the exact problem you solve and they are ready to buy that solution NOW.

If you want your ideal client to see you as someone they can trust, you need to know who that ideal client is, what they struggle with and how your products or services solve their problems.

This doesn’t look like you guessing, this looks like you opening up a direct line of communication with your ideal client to really dig deep and understand how you can better serve them.

2. Keep tabs on the conversations happening in your industry.

Keep tabs on the conversations happening in your industry and how they apply to you or your ideal clients and SPEAK UP.

Nothing gets your ideal client’s attention more than someone stating their opinion on something they care about.

Your words carry weight and your ideal clients value them.

3. Show how your knowledge translates into transformation

Show your ideal clients the transformation that your knowledge, expertise, and services could have on their life and their business.

The main theme here is that you’re not afraid to stand up and speak out, but there’s SO much more to it.

Seriously, imagine if you knew all the other sales psychology secrets all the Fortune 500’s are using… helloooo power house!

In my 4 week content bootcamp, Content Closer, we’re going to go over EVERYTHING you need to know to create content that positions you as an authority, leverage sales psychology and get your dream clients in your DMs begging to work with you!

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