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6 Steps to Make Sales While You’re Working A 9-5

March 18, 2022

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If you’re anything like me, at one point or another you were, or currently are, stuck in a miserable job that you hate looking for a way out.

This time two years ago I was working a 9-5 job in the corporate world. I worked on really exciting marketing and sales projects, but I was so very unhappy with the work I was doing and the little impact I was having on the world.

I know exactly how hard it can be to build a business while you’re still working a 9-5.

I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide for starting a business while working a day job. These are the exact steps I took that allowed me to quit my job in my first month of business.

Step 1 – Figure out your schedule

I remember the days of waking up at 6:30 AM, getting ready for work, driving there, and not getting home until 6 PM.

The first thing you have to do if you’re going to run your business and work a day job is to create a schedule. 

Map out the time you want to dedicate to working on your business.

Here’s what it looked like for me…


8 AM – 5 PM Day Job

12 PM – 1 PM Set aside time for business

6 PM – 8:30 PM Set aside time for business


10 AM-1 PM Set aside time for business


Step 2: Set extremely specific goals

I knew I wanted to quit my job ASAP so I set a specific date I needed to make it happen.

Start there: I will leave my job by INSERT DATE AND MONTH, 2021.

Next, I set goals for how many clients/how much income I needed to make it happen.

For me, I needed 4 clients in a 4-month contract to make it happen.

Now the goal becomes, I will sign AMOUNT OF CLIENTS into a TYPE OF OFFER by INSERT DATE AND MONTH YOU’RE QUITTING, 2021.

From there, you need to figure out the amount of sales calls you need to book to make that happen. For me, I figured if I could convert 25% of the calls I booked, that’d be pretty good for a beginner.

I had a month to make this happen so my goal was to book 4 sales calls a week.


Step 3: Figure out what your business needs to book those calls

At any given point your business needs some kind of lead generation, lead nurturing or lead conversion.

Ask yourself…

Do you have followers on your Instagram profile that are dream clients?
If the answer is no, you probably need to generate new leads.

Do you have a ton of dream clients that follow you but you haven’t built a relationship with them?
If the answer is yes, you probably need to nurture your leads.

Do you have great relationships with people you’d love to work with but you’ve never asked them to work with you?
If the answer is yes, you probably need lead conversion.

When I was starting out it felt like I needed all three. If that sounds like you that’s okay!

Here’s what we can do with that…


Step 4: Set goals according to what your business needs most (lead generation, nurturing or converting)

Here’s what some of my goals looked like while I was working my 9-5.

Lead Generation Goals:
I will post 5x/week on Instagram to attract people to my page.
I will spend 1 hour per week finding new profiles and connecting with people I might want to work with.

Lead Nurture Goals:
I will host 3 mini-trainings on my Instagram stories to build trust with my followers.
I will go live 1x/a week to build a deeper connection with my followers.
I will send 5 DMs per day to build relationships with current leads.

Lead Conversion Goals:
I will guide 4 DM conversations per week into a sales conversation.
I will use a conversion call to action in 2/5 Feed Posts.
I will use a conversion call to action in all of my mini-trainings.


Step 5: Use the schedule you created and plug those goals into your time slots

I used the goals I set and plugged them into the time I set aside to work on my business.


12 PM-1 PM Sales calls and DM conversations

6 PM-8:30 PM Sales calls/lead nurturing/lead conversion


10AM-1PM Sales calls/client calls/lead generation


Step 6: Get support

Building a business isn’t all sunshine and roses. Sometimes I had some really limiting beliefs that held me back.

I had a coach by my side that entire month and our main goal of working together was to make sure I hit all my goals and quit my job.

She was there to coach me through times when I felt like giving up, times when I felt like my strategies weren’t working, and times when I was spending too much time comparing myself to other people.

I’ve always been a DIY kind of girl, but holy moly this kind of support escalated the speed I was able to commit and implement to turning this business into a reality.

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