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5 Signs It’s Time to Scale

March 23, 2022

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I bet you saw the title of today’s blog and thought, “Uhm, isn’t it always time to scale?” This belief was probably one of the biggest mistakes I made in my business in the beginning.

I always thought that I had to chase the bigger and better things and it really prevented me from enjoying where I was at the moment. On the flip side, you might be comfortable where you’re at and not sure if it is time to grow.

Today I wanted to break down for you when you actually know it’s time to prepare for an upward shift in your business.

5 Signs It’s Time to Scale:

1. You don’t know what to do next

Before there’s a period of growth, there’s a period of calm. Usually, during that period of calm, you’ll find yourself struggling to figure out what’s next.

This happens with a lot of entrepreneurs I work with who are on a mission to scale. Do they do a course, intensives, VIP days, Facebook ads, masterclasses?? They have so many ideas for what can take them to the next level, they just have trouble deciding the best path forward.

2. You’ve maxed out all your hours and can’t take on any more clients

If you’re maxing yourself out on hours and you’re no longer able to make more sales, this is a HUGE sign that it’s time to make a shift.

Many done for you service providers I work with hit this cap and just sit there thinking, “Well, this is as good as it gets.” I challenge you to dream bigger! You might know the next thing, but I promise there is the next thing.

3. You’ve had a bunch of successful launches, but you’re ready for some more consistency

Launching is FUN, but it’s also exhausting. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to launch something every single month if you want to grow to 6 figures and beyond. If you’ve had really successful, high-income launches and you’re dreaming of a consistent high-volume income… it’s probably time to reassess your marketing and sales strategy as you grow.

4. You’re not doing the work you really want to be doing

So often we start businesses as an escape plan from something else that was no longer serving us. For me, it was my 9-5. But what happens when you find yourself doing a whole lot of work that annoys you? It’s time to create a NEW plan that focuses on your expertise and passions – aka scale with new offers.

5. You wish you could pay yourself more

You might have consistent income coming in for your business, but how much of that is landing in your personal bank account? Odds are if it’s time to scale, you’re dreaming of more paychecks for you to fund the things you like doing.

For me, paying myself more meant a luxury waterfront apartment, date nights in the city, and guilt-free tips to SoulCycle (those classes are like $30 a pop)

So, is it time for you to scale?

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