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How to Define Your Ideal Client

March 23, 2022

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One of the best things about starting your own business is that YOU get to decide who you work with. Say goodbye to boring work projects and naggy bosses.

Before you can start working with super fun clients who make you excited to open up your laptop every day, you have to define who exactly those dreamy clients are.

Defining your ideal client will save you sooooo much time in the long run. Let’s break down why.

Why You Should Define Your Ideal Client

What is an ideal client?

Your ideal client is the perfect person to buy your services. They have the problem that you solve, they’re ready to solve their problem and most importantly, they want YOU to be the person that solves it.

Defining your ideal client goes beyond just making sure they have the problem you solve, but at the very minimum, they should have those three characteristics above!

Why do you need to know who your ideal client is?

1) It makes it easier to find the people you want to work with.

Whether you’re organically looking for clients on platforms like Instagram and Facebook or you’re using paid advertisements, you want to make sure you’re targeting the right people. When you know exactly who you want to reach, you save a lot of time and money.

In my group program 9TOFREEDOM, we teach clients how to build out their ideal client’s Instagram profile so they can identify if someone is a potential client just based on looking at their Instagram profile.

2) You can create messaging that speaks to your ideal client’s day-to-day problems.

The more specific you can get about how your ideal client’s life is hard because they haven’t solved their problem, the more likely they will see why they need a solution NOW. If you try to work with everyone and say, “save more time by hiring a social media manager” odds are they will tune the message out.

However, if you know your ideal clients love to spend time with their family on the weeknight you can say, “Stop spending every weeknight worrying about what tomorrow’s caption will be. Hire a social media manager and finally get more time to spend with your family watching the latest addition to Disney plus!” Much more specific and compelling.

3) You’ll be able to rule out people you DON’T want to work with faster.

Not many people think about this, but you don’t have to work with everyone! There are probably certain kinds of businesses and people you won’t want to work with. For example, I know my ideal clients are really hard workers who know that a business doesn’t just grow overnight, but with hard work.

Knowing this helps me rule out anyone who is just trying to make a quick buck through some get rich quick scheme. My clients and I are in it to build long-lasting sustainable businesses from the start.

4 Things to Know About Your Ideal Client

Creating your ideal client’s persona goes way beyond these four things, but here are some questions to get you started.

1) What do they do for work?

2) What is the biggest problem they face right now?

3) What’s the biggest goal they’re working to achieve?

4) What social media platform do they hang out on?

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