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December 16, 2022

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What if all the answers you’re searching for are waiting inside of you?

That’s the question I needed someone to ask me over the past 2.5 years. I grew my business by desperately looking for answers and permission from everyone but myself.

I join masterminds, programs, courses, and 1:1 coaching experiences hoping to find someone to tell me the exact right thing to do to make money and create happiness.

I don’t want to discount any of my coaching experiences, because for the most part they were freaking incredible.

I’ve had so many mentors that expanded my mind to see what was possible, challenged me to dream bigger, and taught me more about my own intuition than I could have ever imagined.

There came a time when I knew I should stop renewing with my coaches and start trusting myself, but I ignored that feeling inside.

I’ve noticed that’s a pattern of mine.

I get an idea, a hunch or a download about what to do next and then I ignore it.

Dates all the way back to my first boyfriend in high school. I remember looking through old diaries and in our first month of dating I wrote, “I don’t think I really like him, maybe we should break up.”

I ended up dating that boy for THREE YEARS… and it was pretty rough and traumatic.

The same thing was happening with my investments.

I had journaled about how I wouldn’t work with a coach again and I would try to trust myself and then some program would pop up and I’d be off swiping my card once again.


It’s hard because in the coaching space there’s this narrative that if you want people to invest in you, then you need to invest in yourself.

Let me be the first to tell you, that is just really good marketing. So good it convinced me, the certified, master-degree holding marketer, to constantly invest over trusting my own intuition.

For the longest time, I hated hearing clients say, “Coaching with you was life changing, but I think I’m going to figure it out on my own now.”

I couldn’t fathom why someone would stop something amazing to go learn to do it by themselves. Little did I know, my intuition was screaming YOU SHOULD GO DO THAT TOO!

I’ve been mentor-free for 5 months now. It almost feels like not hiring coaches is part of my rehabilitation program. I got really tempted last week to buy into a program to learn about intuition. Very quitely I could hear my intuition screaming, TRUST YOURSELF!! I did a meditation to really tap into the feeling and I realized this was a test. Was I ready to trust myself or would I once again go looking for the answers in someone else?

I passed on the program.

The very next day, I got a refund of $8,000 that I had been fighting to get for SIX MONTHS. If you’ve ever needed a sign that good things happen when you start to trust yourself, let that be it.

I often wonder what life would have been like if I started trusting myself and my intuition sooner.

If I’m being quite honest, it’s really been only a month or so since I’ve fully trusted my intuition and started to act on it immediately and it’s terrifying.

At first I felt like I was free falling with life with no plan and no safety net. Now that I’m starting to see manifestations come through and downloads turn into full blown plans, the free fall stopped. I’m finally floating. The universe caught me and now me and my intuition are learning how to vibe and trust each other.

I’m finally learning how to create a business FOR ME. Not using someone else’s blueprint, offer suite or marketing strategy.

I’m finally learning how to set goals FOR ME. That have nothing to do with my ego and everything to do with my authentic code.

AND I’m finally learning how to listen to my intuition and use it to lead me to my next great thing.

Life is tricky, because you can find a lot of success ignoring your intuition. I know I did, but everything felt so forced. I’m done forcing and I’m ready to float.

So, I’m starting the Intuitive Diaries to teach YOU how to float through life too. Let me tell you the very thing I wish someone would have told me three years ago – the answers you’re looking for are already living within you. Your job is to learn how your intuition communicates with you, trust it and take action.

Obviously, that’s easier said than done so follow along on this blog for tips, tools, and stories of how I’m learning to do just that.

Chat to you soon my intuitive friend!



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