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Full Moon in Leo 2023 Journal Prompts & Tarot Spread

February 3, 2023

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Here’s everything you should do to during the Full Moon in Leo on February 5th, 2023 to harness the energy of the day, release anything holding you back, and set intentions for the next two weeks ahead.

One of my favorite intuitive practices is using the full moon and the new moon to check in on myself. Some people even say the energy of the new moon is good for manifesting and goal setting, while the full moon is good for releasing and letting go. Today I’m sharing the research, journal prompts, and tarot card spread I’m using on the full moon in Leo on February 5th, 2023 to help you check in on yourself this full moon. As well as the tarot spread I did for the New Moon in Aquarius on January 23rd, 2023, and everything that came to fruition after my tarot reading.

In today’s post we talk about:

My New Moon in Aquarius Intentions

My New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Leo Ritual

Full Moon in Leo Research

Understanding Leo’s Impact

Full Moon in Leo Journal Prompts and Impact By House

Understanding Where You Were 6 Months Ago

Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

Two Best Ways to Release What’s Holding You Back

My New Moon in Aquarius Intentions

When the New Moon in Aquarius happened I had a very clear intention on what I wanted to do to create newness in my life. I planned on taking two weeks of rapid action to move me closer to my goals.

For me this looked like:

I knew those were the moves I wanted to make to move me closer to my goals, but understanding the astrology behind the new moon really helped validate my action plan.

For me, Aquarius appears in my 8th house of shared finances and legacy. With Aquarius in this house, the following two weeks would be about a change in financial opportunity related to a shared venture that would benefit the collective. It would also be about speaking out against con men and women to protect the collective.

I mean HELLO, can we talk about alignment??

My business partner and I launched our clothing collection to empower people to embrace their authentic selves and an in-person event to drive community and connection. I also spoke out again con men and women when I posted about the coaching industry and why I stopped hiring coaches.

My intuition seriously knew what was up here before I started doing any research!

My New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading:

For the New Moon in Aquarius, I used this tarot spread for my reading:

ace of pentacles, nine of wands, six of cups

Here were my takeaways from the reading:

  • It’s time for me to experiment in the physical world and care less about what people think.
  • It’s time to show people all the ways I don’t have it all together.
  • It’s time to have more empathy for my past.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have taken action in the physical world on all the things I’ve mentioned above. For me, talking about how I don’t have a coach was the perfect way for me to show people that I don’t have it all together and that’s okay. I also had a huge realization on all the ways my inner child way running the show, helped her forgive the past, and feel so much more in power.

Seriously, I took action on all those things and I feel so much better for it! For the first time in a long time I am absolutely in love with my work, my creativity, and myself.

Full Moon in Leo Ritual

Which leads me to my Full Moon in Leo Ritual. Here’s everything I’m doing for the Full Moon in Leo to harness the energy of the day, release anything holding me back, and set intentions for the next two weeks ahead.

Full Moon in Leo Research

Researching how the Full Moon in Leo relates to you and your specific sign is key to understanding how the full moon will impact you.

1. Figure out where in your natal chart Leo lies.

Look up your Natal Chart and find where Leo lies. This will tell what area of your life this full moon will impact. You can use a site like Cafe Astrology: to help you find this information.

2. Look up the meaning of the house and what it rules.

I usually find really good information about the houses on

For a shortcut, here’s a great graphic that breaks down the meanings of each houses:

For me, Leo is in my 2nd house of income, resources, and self-worth. This might meant that this full moon will focus on an end in something related to my finances or releasing something that’s keeping me from earning more income, feeling safety and security, or having high self worth.

Understanding Leo’s Impact

Leo is all about the show. They embrace their inner leader and live by the motto “go big or go home.” This is a time about coming back to your heart and embracing your authentic self. It’s about being yourself with NO SHAME.

Here’s my favorite video I’ve found speaking about the Full Moon in Leo so you don’t have to scroll for hours on TikTok trying to make sense of it all:

Here’s my big takeaway from this video:

  • We can expect rapid change that will cause us to come back to ourselves and our hearts so we can find alignment that benefits the collective.

We have to take in consideration that it’s Aquarius season and Aquarius is all about the collective, humankind. So anything changes we make in stepping into our authentic selves and power, will aid in our ability to help and empower others.

This might look like letting go of…

  • Caring what other people think about you
  • Things stopping you from showing up as your authentic self
  • Things stopping you from investing in your relationships or creativity
  • Anything stopping you from pursuing your passions
  • Anything stopping you from taking on a new adventure

Full Moon in Leo Journal Prompts and Impact By House

Once you know what house this Full Moon in Leo is impacting, use the following as a guide to what you are meant to release, journal prompts to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back, and a mantra to help move you forward.

For me, Leo is in my second house of finances. This is a time for me to let go of anything that’s preventing me from feeling confident, loud, proud and secure in my finances. It makes a lot of sense if I’m being honest. Two weeks ago I set out on a path to earn money in ways I’d never done before – clothing, live events, even my blog. Now that I’ve taken the action, it’s time for me to release any beliefs that tell me I’m not worthy of earning money in this way. So exciting!

Here’s my interpretation of how the Full Moon in Leo might impact you, based on the house it’s showing up in:

first house astrology, the house of self

First House: Self
A time to release anything that’s stopping you from embracing your full authenticity, chasing your passions/needs, or sharing your identity with the world

Mantra: I am worthy, confident, and powerful.

Journal Prompts:
When do I feel the most confident?
What parts of myself do I hide from the world?
What am I afraid will happen if I embrace who I truly am and share it with the world?

second house astrology, house of income, resources and self-worth

Second House: Income, Resources, and Self-Worth
A time to release anything that makes you feel a lack of security, ties your self worth to your income or prevents you from seeking ways to earn money that feels authentic and inspiring to you.

Mantra: I am worthy because I exist.

Journal Prompts:
What do you need to let go of to feel confident that you are safe and secure?
What daily habits have been making you feel insecure or unworthy?
How does your most confident self feel about money?

third house astrology, house of communication

Third House: Communication
A time to release anything that’s preventing you from communicating authentically and boldly. It might be a conversation or speaking your thoughts that lead to a release on this full moon.

Mantra: I am safe to speak my authentic thoughts and needs.

Journal Prompts:
What prevents me from communicating my truest thoughts and feelings?
What conversations have I been avoiding?
What am I afraid of happening if I were to communicate everything I’ve been thinking and feeling?

fourth house astrology, house of home, family and foundations

Fourth House: Home, Family and Psychological Foundations
In the physical realm, this is a time to release anything in your home that no longer aligns with your authenticity or takes up space. It’s also a time to release anything that’s holding you back from feeling a sense of home and safety. This could be in your physical home, within yourself, or within your family dynamics.

Mantra: I am worthy of a home that inspires me.

Journal Prompts:
What are physical items that I’m holding onto that no longer bring me joy and take up space?
When do I feel most at home?
Where do I feel disconnected from a sense of family?

fifth house astrology, house of play and romance

Fifth House: Play and Romance
A time to release anything that’s holding you back from showing your creative side, showing up authentically in your relationships, or prioritizing the things that feel fun and exciting in your life.

Mantra: The more fun I have, the more life rewards me.

Journal Prompts:
When do I have the most fun?
Where have I been prioritizing other responsibilities over play?
What’s holding me back from saying yes to my creativity and adventure?

sixth house astrology, house of health and wellness, astrology 6th house

Sixth House: Health and Wellness
A time to release patterns that are harmful to your health and well-being, including overcommitting at work, ignoring your routine that brings you joy, or any self-sabotaging patterns

Mantra: When I take care of myself, the world takes care of me.

Journal Prompts:
Where have I been sabotaging my success?
Where am I stretching myself too thin at the expense of my health?
What’s keeping me from creating routines that make me feel confident, strong and prioritized?

seventh house astrology, house of relationships, 7th house astrology

Seventh House: Relationships
A time to release anything preventing you from connecting authentically in your relationships

Mantra: I deserve to be seen as myself by those closest to me.

Journal Prompts:
Why am I afraid of those closest to me getting to know the real me?
Where have I been prioritizing the needs of others instead of myself in relationships?
If I were my most confident and authentic self, how would I show up?

eighth house astrology, house of sex, death and transformation, 8th house

Eighth House: Sex, Death, and Transformation
A time to release any pain from the past that’s preventing you from showing up authentically.

Mantra: My past doesn’t determine my future.

Journal Prompts:
What am I afraid of happening again?
What patterns have I been repeating from the past that I’m ready to let go of?
Who do I need to forgive to move forward?

ninth house astrology, house of risk-taking, travel and spirituality, 9th house

Ninth House: Risk-Taking, Travel, and Spirituality
A time to release anything holding you back from taking risks that light up your heart, but maybe not your mind. A time to release things that are keeping you from tapping into your spiritual side or learning new things.

Mantra: I am safe to take risks that light up my heart.

Journal Prompts:
What risks am I afraid to take right now and why?
What do I want most in my heart right now?
What is keeping me from going after what my heart wants?

tenth house astrology, house of achievement, reputation and career, 10th house

Tenth House: Achievement, Reputation, and Career
A time to release anything keeping you from your authentic purpose, career, or path.

Mantra: When I follow my heart, I find my purpose.

Journal Prompts:
Where am I holding myself back in my career and purpose?
If I could do anything in the world with my time, what would I do?
If I were my most authentic confident self, how would I show up in my search for purpose and achievement?

eleventh house astrology, house of community, network and friendships, 11th house

Eleventh House: Community, Network, Friendships
A time to release friendship or communities that no longer support your authenticity OR a time to release anything keeping you from finding communities that love you for being you.

Mantra: I am worthy of a community that loves every aspect of me.

Journal Prompts
What friendships and communities are no longer supporting my authentic self?
What is keeping me from showing up as my authentic self in my friendships?
If I were my most confident self, what kind of people would I surround myself with?

twelfth house astrology, house of endings, surrender and subconscious, 12th house, astrology houses

Twelfth House: Endings, Surrender, Subconscious
A time to release people, patterns, and limiting beliefs that so longer serve you or your authenticity.

Mantra: I am the creator of my beliefs.

Journal Prompts:
What limiting beliefs have been circling my mind lately?
Where have I been trying to control things and finding resistance?
What are the beliefs of my most confident self?

Understanding Where You Were 6 Months Ago

Something interesting to note about the Full Moon in Leo is that 6 months ago there was a Full Moon in Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are opposites and many astrologers believe that this is the closing of a chapter or a final release of whatever you were working on 6 months ago, aka August 2022.

So, if you’re having trouble figuring out what you need to release, think back to where you were in your life 6 months ago and what has changed or remained the same since then.

Personally, this feels like an incredible phenomenon. 6 months ago, I realized that all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life was create content, write, speak and creatively document my life. However, I was afraid that I couldn’t earn a living off just that.

In August 2022, I started a second TikTok profile and grew it quickly doing just that. I posted vlogs, product reviews and content that made me happy. It showed me what was possible. I played with my creativity behind the scenes, away from the pressure of my business page and feel back in love with creation again.

Although I loved creating, I was still focused on old ways of earning income inside of my business. For months I’ve been releasing the idea that my safety and security has to come from one source of income that business coaches told me were the best.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve listened to my intuition and started to see all the ways I could earn income by doing the things that bring me joy, not the things that feel like work. I’ve started to break free from the idea that my money determines my worth.

It makes sense that my full moon in leo is in my second house of income because this is the final release. I am being called to let go of my attachment to wealth as a definer of my worth. I am being asked to release the idea that I am not safe or secure. This is my time to claim that I am taken care of and can make money following my passions. All from that work and realizations I had 6 months ago.

Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

Now, you should be pretty clear on what you need to release to make the most out of this Full Moon in Leo, but let’s talk about the tarot spread you can use to connect deeper with yourself and what you need to do next.

Real talk, coming up with the journal prompts was a lot so I’m going to share with you the tarot spread I’ll use this full moon in leo:

Two Best Ways to Release What’s Holding You Back

Now you know what you need to release and the things that are holding you back from following your heart, showing up confidently and embracing your inner superstar. Here are a few ways you can release those things and move forward in your full power:

1. Do a meditation

Sit comfortably in a space that feels space, maybe even where the moonlight is visible.

Close your eyes and begin to take note of your breathing.

Start to set an intention for the meditation: I release [insert what you wish to release].

Imagine the moon light shining down through the top of your body all the way down to your feet, covering you in bright, white light.

Imagine the moonlight sucking away anything that came up in your journaling or tarot reading that’s preventing you from connecting with your authenticity.

State the mantra associated with the house impacted by Leo this full moon.

Slowly bring your attention back to your eyes and your room.

(Stay tuned for the next New Moon! I’m planning on creating an audio meditation for anyone subscribed to the Intuitive Confidential Community.)

2. Write to Release

Grab a pen and paper

Write down I release, with all the things you discovered in journaling or your tarot spread

Visualize all of these things leaving your mind, body and space

Burn the paper or rip it up and let it go

I’m so excited for you and whatever you choose to release during this time. Remember, you don’t have to do this practice on the actual day of the full moon. You can do it 3 days before, or even 3 days after. It’s never the wrong time to reflect.

Happy Full Moon in Leo, friend. Go get it you superstar!



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