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Your Comment Section Isn’t Friendship

March 23, 2023

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newsflash: your comment section isn’t a replacement for real friends… 😅

I get it, social media is really cool because the algorithms have a way of connecting us with people just like us.

I can easily find people like me – who got diagnosed with ADHD late, who have their own business, who were theater kids growing up.

But there is only so much validation and support you can get from a 120 character comment or a DM. 👀

We have underestimated the value of in-person connection.

I didn’t know how much I needed people to give a shit about me in the real world until I built amazing friendships where people validate me, see me, and support me for the REAL me.

What we don’t understand is that no matter how we try to be our full authentic selves online, you’re living in an online persona.

⚡ Microcelebrity Strategy 101: you have an online persona whether you define it or not ⚡

People are pulling pieces of your videos and your life and forming a picture of you in their mind.

👉 They decide what you are.

👉 They will never see you as your full authentic self.

👉 They will never validate you for all of your feelings and experiences.

You can’t completely convey all of who you are and what you struggle with in this tiny vertical frame. 📲

👀 I see so many people who post about how hard they are working to get validation.

👀 Who post about a really bad day so someone will cheer them up or cheer them on.

👀 Who post about something they’ve struggled with to feel seen by a comment section.

That’s all fine, but you need people offline to do that too.

To solve your problems, to give a shit about you and to know the exact things that will make you feel better today.

If you don’t have that, I’m sorry and it’s not your fault.

This world isn’t built to support in-person community, but this is your sign to start looking for people who are willing to remove the mask of their online persona, be real with you, and support you 100%. 👏



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