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5 Signs It’s Time to Scale

Questions You Should Answer Before You Create Your Offer

Answering these essential questions could be the difference between you feeling like just another employee and feeling like a real CEO with services that drive solutions for your clients...

I always thought that I had to chase the bigger and better things and it really prevented me from enjoying where I was at the moment. On the flip side, you might be comfortable where you’re at and not sure if it is time to grow...

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Let go of your obsession with trying to replicate someone else's strategy and let's create one you LOVE. I support my clients in discovering their intuition and creating business models and marketing strategies that make them feel rested, powerful, and excited to grow.

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Ashley Mielke

meet the writer

Ashley Mielke is a certified life coach, microcelebrity expert, and speaker specializing in connecting women to their intuition, designing burnout-proof businesses, and establishing microcelebrity status among online communities. She is the founder of Ashley Mielke Coaching, LLC, a destination for female entrepreneurs to learn foundational marketing and sales strategies they can pair with their our intuition and processes to create businesses that flourish and grow.

She is the creator of 9TOFREEDOM™, Made for Everything™, and other coaching programs that have served over 1,000 women in their journey to start and scale successful businesses. She is also the co-founder of the Living Adventures Podcast, which focuses on navigating life, business and friendship with ADHD.

Ashley's work in grounded in the belief that we are the experts of our own lives and if we can learn to trust our intuition and develop unique strategies and methods for our own lives, any dream can come true. The Intuitive Diaries and Intuitive Confidential Membership were created to help women begin to tap into their intuition and reconnect to their authenticity so they learn how to do life and business whatever way they want.