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Living Adventures Collective (LAC)

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a 6 month collective experience for creatives & business owners to get support in finding and navigating their next big dream as they redefine what work & entrepreneurship means

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This collective IS for: 

 People who have already built a successful business. 

People who are realizing the entrepreneurship machine mimics the same corporate machine they were once trying to escape.

People who have felt it's really lonely at the top and are desiring a group of friends at their level to support and understand their highs and lows.

People who are ready to discover their actual dreams over the dreams they thought they should have.

People who are tired of seeking permission to do and say the shit they truly want.

People who have realized they are doing less of what they love, more of what they don't enjoy, and yes to things they don't want to do.

It's time to rebrand your mindset and your business so you can fall back in love with life.

People who are just getting started in business, content creation or entrepreneurship.

People who are in this just for the money and don't care about their life-long personal and business journey. 

People who aren't open to learning how to trust themselves, slow down, and make aligned decisions. 

People who are judgmental and not supportive of others. 

People who aren't willing to admit their current path isn't making them happy. 

People who are unwilling to open up about how they're truly feeling. 

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This collective is NOT for: 


First, you’ll need to enter your email address below. Then you’ll be taken to an application where you’ll tell us more about your current life, business, and situation.

The application will arrive in our inbox and one of two things will happen. One, we’ll decide you’re not a good match for the collective at this time and let you know. Or two, we’ll decide you might be a good member for our collective and reach out to you to schedule a call to find out.

At the end of your call with either Ashley or Victoria, we will decide if you’re a great fit for our collective. If you are a fit, you’ll receive an invitation to join the upcoming collective.

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We are only looking for Level 4-6 Entrepreneurs to join the Living Adventures Collective. We will review applications on a first come, first-serve basis.

Not sure what level you fall in? Click here to find out.


6 Months to Mastermind Your Life

Including monthly workshops and mastermind sessions to deep dive into deconstructing your old beliefs and patterns, build up your intuition, and reconnect with your creativity and purpose.

Monthly community events, activities, and happenings to deepen your connection with your new friends, help you reignite your creative spark, and discover things you truly love.

2 engagements per month.

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One In-Person International Getaway*

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Including a 5-day intuitive healing retreat to an international destination to solidify your findings, new way of life and business and newfound relationships. 

Retreat activities included, but not limited to, private chef, day time group adventure, dinner at a luxe restaurant, destination relaxing & exploring, mastermind whiteboarding, journaling activities and more.

*will need valid passport

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Download Our Brochure

Want to know all the details? Including what we are working on every single month, what to expect during the retreat, and what kind of special happenings we are including to connect you to your new community?