It's time to monetize your expertise and utilize organic, repeatable marketing and sales strategies to build an online community that converts into clients. 

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Calling all aspiring and scaling 

It’s time to define your

Because doing business like everyone else won’t cut it and you’re an underdog who’s ready for a comeback story.


Building a sustainable freedom-based business isn’t about copying someone else’s strategies, mimicking business models or searching for the next secret to success. It’s about learning how to make decisions without relying on anyone else and finding your repeatable systems and structures. 

To do that you need a coach who will empower you and challenge you to believe that whatever you want in life is possible. Someone who can see your unique roadmap to success and guide you through it. 

A hype woman who knows first hand that rejection in entrepreneurship sucks. There are days where yeses feel hard to come by and on those days, your hype woman is ready to crush your limiting beliefs, dig up your blocks and push through them so your mind is ready to work through the strategies you’ve co-created. 

The good news? I’m that hype woman and I’m ready to go if you are. 

meet ashley

I’m Ashley


Certified Life + Business Coach 



degree holder

Iced coffee lover

Intuitive business 

For the entrepreneur who needs quick insight and guidance. We go full woo for 10 minutes, pull cards and get predictions and areas of focus for your business, then dive into actionable strategies and steps you can take to move forward with power in your business. 

Living adventures collective

For the entrepreneur who is ready to dismantle their old beliefs around work, money and success, meet an amazing group of high achieving friends, and go on adventures around the world as they build their dream life.

living adventures podcast

For the entrepreneur who is ready to get the tools, guidance and motivation to navigate any moment in their life and business through the lens of a neurodivergent mind, with a community who truly gets you.


I had a lot of insecurities about freelancing my makeup and building myself up as an authority on social media. I was honestly too insecure to start anything. When we were done with our first call, I had a plan of action and strategies for how I could launch myself as a makeup artist and land paying clients. After just one session I booked 3 clients!

Makeup Artist


Not only are the modules super packed with sales and marketing information, but the weekly calls were the perfect recipe to keep us motivated, accountable, and able to ask questions we had depending on our specific needs. Plus, the group setting really allows you to become friends with new people and share struggles and wins!

brand + web designer


It [9TOFREEDOOM] literally changed my life. One of the biggest hesitations that I had was that I had done so much with marketing in the past, I had a lot of knowledge. It filled in the gaps for me from where I was lacking and it gave me the tools to implement. 
I did a lot of free certification, but there was no accountability... Having somebody in my corner giving me constant feedback on the stuff I was doing was really key for me in seeing success in my business

business coach


Want to make $10K+ each month?

Grab The Repeatable 5-Figure Month! A FREE workshop on how to use repeatable strategies to show up confidently in your business, connect with dream clients on social media and make $10K+ each month.


Ready for Repeatable 5-Figure Months?

A FREE workshop on how to use repeatable social media strategies to hit $10K months.