Are you wondering if your business is on the right track?

Do you need clarity on what to do next or how to grow?

Are you feeling stuck, blocked or unsure?

Business Readings




A 60-minute private session that combines both intuitive guidance, life coaching and/or business strategy to provide you with your unique next steps to success.

During the session, I connect with my guides and yours to provide intuitive guidance and messages that will help YOU map out the structures, strategies, systems and mindset you need to move forward with power, excitement and sales in your business!




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After the initial reading, you will have the opportunity to work with Ashley to develop a customized strategy to move you forward, get coached through a specific topic, or use the rest of the session to move through blocks and limiting beliefs. In past sessions, clients have received custom guided meditations designed on the spot to move them through limiting beliefs and mindsets, created new offers and pricing models, mapped out 3 months’ worth of sales strategies, designed converting content plans and so much more. 

Ashley will welcome you to your session and kick the call off with an initial tarot spread designed to highlight the challenge, blocks, influences, and projected outcomes for you and your business if you continue your current course of action. Together, you and Ashley will discuss the card’s findings and messages to understand how best to use the information.

Once you process your payment, you will book in your appointment with Ashley. Before the call, meditate on what you hope to get out of your session. Some topics include receiving guidance on next steps, creating new offers, developing business plans, finding and removing blocks to take next steps, overcoming limiting beliefs, creating strategies to inject more cash into your business, etc. If you have trouble picking, don’t worry, the cards will lead us where we need to go. 



"I've spent $10K on business coaches that couldn't help me do what we were able to do in just 30 minutes!!" - Jamy M.

imagine if in 30 minutes...

Let me blow your mind for a sec

You knew exactly what offer to sell next, including the pricing, the name, the details and who you can sell it to. 

You finally narrowed down your niche and ideal client so you can confidently create content and offers that attracts people who are excited to work with you.

You knew what content to write over the next month to grow your following and sign clients. 
You knew what to say on sales calls and how to handle objections so you sign clients every time. 

You could confidently message people in your direct messages and know how to offer your services in a non-salesy way. 

You had a business plan and roadmap to $5K, $10K, $20K, multiple 6-figure and more!

You found the exact mindset and belief that's holding you back from your next level and you worked through it, leaving the call ready to take on your next goal!!

I want that


A 60-minute private session that combines both intuitive guidance, business strategy and coaching to provide you with your unique next steps to success.

Business Readings



Let's Do this!



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Thank you for reminding me of who I am, what I'm capable of and the path I am meant to follow.

I'm still crying this out. Thank you very much for this moment together. You showed me it's time to regain my power and show up beautifully and powerfully.

I'm going to do the inner work. I will conquer this and I will embrace the Queen I was always meant to be.

Thank you.

- Cynthia V.

Ashley Mielke

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Earlier this week one of my clients told me I’m a witch and she meant it in the best way.

I've never really seen myself as a witch, but I've built my intuitive gifts for a long time behind the scenes of my business and it's honestly really cool what they can do...

My client came to an intuitive business reading with a list of questions and strategies she wanted to cover… but before I even finished reading her cards she burst into tears.

The cards revealed that it wasn’t a strategy she was missing in her business, it was a piece of herself.

She is a powerful woman on a mission to create a safe community full of others who have found freedom and independence.

She has big dreams for herself and her family, but kept finding herself paralyze and couldn’t act on any of the new offers she was meant to create.

If you've been feeling in a funk lately,  let me be the first to tell you that you're not alone.


In less than 30 minutes, she discovered the EXACT thing that’s been holding her back from her next level.

She named it. The feeling, the limiting belief, the moment in time that made her feel stuck.

She claimed all of her power back from it.

She decided she is more than that block, that feeling, that stuckness inside.

She said she walked away with everything she needed from that call.

I’ve honestly never had a reading where someone didn’t get exactly what they needed to move forward in their business.

Each session I do just gets more and more powerful and I’m working with women in ways I never thought possible.

My sessions are magical.

It’s not just tarot, it’s not just business… it’s everything you could possibly need and a little more.

It’s life coaching, it’s healing, it’s strategy, it’s intuitive messages and guidance.

It’s your next step in success hand-delivered and crafted for YOU. 

to find the source of everything that had been holding her back.

Immediately, I knew we need to go into a meditation...

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What happens after I submit my payment?

You'll book your session with Ashley and receive a confirmation email with a link to your upcoming Zoom session with Ashley.

How much does this program cost?

One off sessions with Ashley usually range between $695 - $1,200 per session. For a limited time, Ashley has opened up intuitive readings at a discounted rate for a few spots at a time to serve more women! These discounts are only available for one use.