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August 11, 2023

I’m not saying getting a dog will solve all of your problems, but I am suggesting that getting a dog could solve 95% of them.  Just this morning I was writing about how unrecognized I’ve been feeling lately. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, that wrong side being social media. How […]

August 9, 2023

There I was on the couch, desperate and miserable.   “There’s no fucking point in dreaming and my life has no meaning or purpose. What’s the difference if I’m distracted by a fun little episode of One Piece or not?” I thought. That’s when it hit me. That’s the whole point of this week…  REWIND: The […]

August 7, 2023

“Don’t give your advice away for free.” A piece of advice I received that’s been stuck in my mind lately. Funny enough, that was free advice. Turns out advice from hypocrites is not good advice. It’s a statement that’s rooted in scarcity. It’s like saying if your advice is free, then you’ll get nothing in […]

August 3, 2023

My perspective on what you should do when you hit rock bottom has completely changed this year. Mostly because every time I thought I hit a rock bottom, I didn’t realize another drop was waiting below me.  I laugh at the version of myself who thought she had hit her rock bottom a little under […]

August 1, 2023

Ohhhhh… people just lie. People just make things up and sell stuff. Someone should have taught us that in a class called “Business of The Internet 101”.  I knew this was a truth in the world. Of course there’s liars and cheats. I just didn’t realize the people I looked up to are liars and […]

July 30, 2023

Listen, I’m not a liar so I’m going to give it to you straight. I’m not very good at following the rules. I’m actually pretty terrible at it.  When I go to those little trivia nights they have at bars, I can’t help myself from Googling the answers before everyone makes their guesses.  When my […]

July 28, 2023

A messy girl in her 20s whose life is falling apart makes for a wonderful dramedy (drama/comedy), but in the real world makes for a horrible life. I took a screenwriting class this week and the instructor said something along the line of: “We love our main characters, but we want to put them through […]

July 28, 2023

My life is a trainwreck and it’s become too fascinating to not share it. You know all those people who say, “speak from your scars, not from your wounds”? To them I say, fuck that. I’m bleeding out and I’m ready to make a spectacle for all to see. You know what keeps people hooked […]

March 29, 2023

How I Practice Honoring My Energy, Even When I Have A Lot of Work to Get Done 👇 Mondays are always the busiest days for many of us, filled with ideas and enthusiasm to tackle everything that comes our way. As much as we want to get things done, we often forget to listen to […]

March 24, 2023

It took me a long time to find real friends. The funny thing is I thought I had real friends, but it turns out it was all extremely surface-level. I didn’t even know how good friendship could get until I figured out this concept I’m going to break down for you today. So here’s how […]

March 23, 2023

newsflash: your comment section isn’t a replacement for real friends… 😅 I get it, social media is really cool because the algorithms have a way of connecting us with people just like us. I can easily find people like me – who got diagnosed with ADHD late, who have their own business, who were theater […]

February 3, 2023

Here’s everything you should do to during the Full Moon in Leo on February 5th, 2023 to harness the energy of the day, release anything holding you back, and set intentions for the next two weeks ahead. One of my favorite intuitive practices is using the full moon and the new moon to check in […]

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My Life is a Trainwreck

Why I Stopped Hiring Coaches

I’ve been a little nervous to admit that I’ve been coachless. The online space is rampant with posts screaming things like “invest or you don’t believe in yourself” and “if you don’t invest in others how will anyone invest in you.” It’s kind of bullshit...

My life is a trainwreck and it’s become too fascinating to not share it. You know all those people who say, “speak from your scars, not from your wounds”? To them I say, fuck that. I’m bleeding out and I’m ready to make a spectacle for all to see...

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Ashley Mielke is a certified life coach, microcelebrity expert, and speaker specializing in connecting women to their intuition, designing burnout-proof businesses, and establishing microcelebrity status among online communities. She is the founder of Ashley Mielke Coaching, LLC, a destination for female entrepreneurs to learn foundational marketing and sales strategies they can pair with their our intuition and processes to create businesses that flourish and grow.

She is the creator of 9TOFREEDOM™, Made for Everything™, and other coaching programs that have served over 1,000 women in their journey to start and scale successful businesses. She is also the co-founder of Living Adventures Retreats, a company dedicated to facilitating connection-driven experiences for women around the world.

Ashley's work in grounded in the belief that we are the experts of our own lives and if we can learn to trust our intuition and develop unique strategies and methods for our own lives, any dream can come true. The Intuitive Diaries and Intuitive Confidential Membership were created to help women begin to tap into their intuition and reconnect to their authenticity so they learn how to do life and business whatever way they want.