A FREE workshop on how to use repeatable strategies to show up confidently in your business, connect with dream clients on social media and make $10K+ each month.





In this free coaching session and workshop, we will cover:

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The Simple Roadmap I Use to Make $20K+ Every Month

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2 Types of Connection Points You Need on Social Media to Find Dream Clients

1 Daily Confidence Habit You Need to Grow A Powerful Business

BONUS: How You Can Find Repeatable Success Systems in Your Business

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How often do I need to sell my products and services?

How can I make sure my services are priced to hit high income months?

Where do I find clients?

What should I sell first?

How do I sign clients consistently?

How can I make 6-figures without spending money on marketing?

How do I overcome my fear of getting started and selling?

Which social media platforms should I be using?

What do I talk about on social media to make sales?

How do I know what to sell to make 5-figure months my reality?

Help ME!

I'm answering questions like...


A FREE workshop on how to use repeatable strategies to show up confidently in your business, connect with dream clients and make $10K+ each month.

secret 1


The Simple Roadmap I Use to Make $20K+ Every Month

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secret 2


2 Types of Connection Points You Need on Social Media to Find Dream Clients

secret 3


1 Daily Confidence Habit You Need to Grow A Powerful Business



How You Can Find Repeatable Success Systems in Your Business

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A private 5-day Facebook group experience where you can ask questions, share wins and watch the replay

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An understanding of how you can attract, nurture, convert and deliver to land and keep clients consistently 

 Two connection points you can use on social media to connect with dream clients and get them to YES!

Multiple ways to stack your income to hit 5-figure months

3 things you need to do consistently to get results

AND key areas you need to work on to grow your business


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"She drops the fluff!"

"She did not hold back"


"The repeatable 5 figure month free training was amazing! Learned a lot of great information from this training. Love that she drops the fluff and just gets straight to it! Can’t wait to have a 1 on 1 with her one and just pick her brain!"

stayed on a whole extra 30 minutes!!

mimi phan, sales and career coach

"This was an amazing workshop and Ashley being her testimonial makes me feel so excited to start my coaching business. Ashley has a lot of energy and is super relatable on her calls! I took away a lot of great advice in making yourself get out there and go market your skills that can create value for future clients. Thank you for also staying on a whole extra 30 minutes!! Time is valuable."

Patricia Valle, digital marketing strategist

"Just finished watching the Repeatable 5 Figure Month workshop and it was amazing! Having worked with Ashley for the last few months, I can verify she is the real deal and she did not hold back in this workshop. Thank you Ashley!"


Ashley Mielke

meet your coach

When I first started my business, I didn't go through the huge struggle of trying to figure out what to post to land clients.

In my first week as a coach looking for paying clients I...

🔥 Booked 5 discovery calls
🔥 Landed 3 clients (2 with NO objections)
🔥 Worked a dream client through a money objection
🔥 Facilitated major breakthroughs
🔥 Pulled actual money into my business

And I'm sure if you've been struggling with your content, you're thinking, "How????"

Short answer? I posted and the people came.

Long answer? I used the strategies the Fortune 500 companies I used to work for use - sales psychology, consumer behavior and the buyer's journey. 

I didn't rely on the "norms" of social media or what "gurus" were telling me to do.

I get it. When I finished my coaching certification with Inner Glow Circle, I had no idea how to take the skills I had and turn them into paying clients.

I made all the mistakes you're probably making now... I was inconsistent on Instagram because I wasn't sure what to post... I didn't send DMs because I was afraid of looking like a pushy saleswoman... I had no idea how to handle the objections like "that's too much" or "hmmm... let me think about it."

I got so mad when people said you could turn a new follower into a client in 48 hours or less... but then, I learned how to do it. Ya girl didn't go to business school, get a masters in communications and create an escape plan from the SEVEN years she spent in Corporate America to NOT be a successful coach.

And I KNOW you didn't take a chance on yourself and decide you deserve a life full of financial and time freedom to NOT be a successful business owner.

That's exactly why I created this FREE workshop! I'm giving you a breakdown of how you can leverage your confidence to connect with dream clients and scale to 5-figure months through repeatable strategies.

This is a tested framework that's helped me scale to multiple 6-figures in my first year of business and allowed my clients to quit their days jobs, hit their own 5-figure sales months, make over $15K monthly in cash and so much more.

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the results

We had the best session yesterday with Ashley Mielke! The vibe and the energy was great!

Yes it was 1am for me, but I was so pumped that I could not go back to sleep!

She gave such value and made me see things a bit more clear! So much so that I believed in myself more and took the leap!

Just got my first paying client!!

Thank you Ashley for being the great person you are!

nicolene, virtual assistnant

"enough of underestimating my value"

It's quite funny how destiny works. I recently invested in a coaching program to launch my business and attract clients, but it wasn't until yesterday that I realized one crucial fact.

Thanks to The Repeatable 5-Figure Month workshop that Ashley hosted, I understood that I need to change my strategy to see better results.

As a Virtual Assistant is quite easy to feel stuck. We're taught to charge hourly based and "hunt" for clients every other month to have a stable income.

Well, I say it's enough of underestimating my value and potential. Thanks to the workshop, I remembered that I'm worthy of desiring more, and I'm deserving of it. 

Cinthya Verónica, virtual assistant

"Just got my first paying client!!"

Okay. sooooo I just watched the Masterclass for a THIRD time today lol, it's so good!

I loved that these were actionable advice and not just the blah blah blah most masterclasses are. 

Like I have paid $3,000 for group programs that weren't as valuable, that is so wild to me!

Thank you Ashley Mielke - going to watch it a 4th time now haha. 

And make a game plan... taking lots of notes!!


"I paid $3K for group programs that weren't as valuable!"

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