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What is the Freedom Expanded Mastermind? 

A 3 month mastermind experience designed to help you expand your launch strategies, product suite, sales, marketing, visibility and confidence to scale to multiple 6-figures and more.



Right now you’re
Probably the most

You’ve ever 
been in your 

You’ve confirmed that there are people out there interested in your services. 

You’ve found some clarity. 
You have a solid business foundation.
You actually can’t believe how far you’ve come. 

 But even with all of your successes, there’s been some hard times. 

You tried to sell an offer and it felt like pulling teeth to get clients signed up

You’ve been ghosted, rejected and turned down 
You’ve been tired of seeing dream clients buy your competitor’s programs and services

You’ve let your limiting beliefs and stories keep you small

You didn’t follow through on something because you were overwhelmed

You didn’t go all in on a launch because you weren’t 100% convinced it would work out.

You didn’t plan ahead because you felt too overwhelmed and you’re never really sure what to sell next.

You’ve been over being told how to run your business and feel like you’ve built a business of suggestions and not one that excites YOU.

Help ME!

There’s been times when

You’re just getting started

You’re right on the cusp of success so big you can’t even imagine… With all the confidence you have now, there is still so much to unlock.

Imagine if in 3 months…

Let me blow your mind for a sec

You could look back at old photos of yourself in disbelief that the person you see used to be you… you show up in a completely different energy.

You paid yourself mutliple 5-figures ON TOP of the other multiple 5-figures you’re keeping in your business bank account.

You fully shifted into your microcelebrity-self and had a community of loyal fans who wanted to buy every offer your dropped the day you dropped it?
You felt fully confident in your decisions and intuition and stopped overthinking, overgiving and burning yourself out… no more trying to prove yourself to your clients or community. 

You never compared yourself to anyone online because you KNEW you had the path to YOUR success 

You stopped feeling super stressed and overwhelmed for BLAH results.

You had a business that you actually loved… with clients who wrote long testimonials out of nowhere and constantly re-enrolled in your programs, payments that came in every single day, a team that let you end your work day early and so much more… 

I want that

willingness to expand

All you need to get your 
multiple 6 - figure life is a 

👉 Have you been inconsistent?

👉 Have you created launch plans and given up on them?

👉 Have you wanted to pitch a dream client and shied away?

👉 Have you been afraid of becoming known as an expert?

👉 Have you been doing things you hate because someone told you that you had to??  

It’s time to change that.

im ready!

you’ll receive… 

Sometimes expansion is about reconnecting with your vision. 

But usually, expansion is about permission…

 For so long, you’ve been looking for someone to approve the actions you take, the decisions you make and the life you want to build.

Expansion requires you to believe in YOU more than you desire for permission from OTHERS.

And a plan.

And a community supporting you.

And accountability.

And a coach to support you through the doubts and facilitate your expansion and ascension to your next level.

Count Me in!

Freedom Expanded


A 3 month mastermind designed to help you expand every area of your business and mindset so you can run a multiple 6-figure business with ease.

Sometimes expansion 

is about coming together

you walk away with

show me how!

Feeling more connected with your confidence and intuition than ever before

A release and replacement of old stories holding you back from your multiple 6-figure self

Actionable and repeatable strategies for marketing, sales and operations to build a multiple 6-figure business

A renewed excitement and belief in your life, business and vision that makes you feel like absolutely anything is possible

in 12 weeks we are talking about

Advanced Sales Strategies 

Sales Planning

Methods of Launching

Healing Old Stories

Expanded Lead Generation Strategies

Sales Funnels

Microcelebrity Mastery

Email Marketing

Thought Leader Content

Boundaries and Confidence

Increase Client Retention 

Busting Through Limiting Beliefs

Operations and Systems Set Up

Trusting Yourself & Your Intuition

High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Sales Strategies

CEO Scheduling

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Plus guess experts

Covering topics like...

Laura Weldy

Leadership coach

Savannah Jordan

Alpha agency CEO

Meghan Lamle

Sales coach & expert

Artisha Walker

Funnel & email 
marketing expert

Isabella Silverio

Ceo embodiment

Andrea Franco

Psychic & intuitive
Business mentor

Kelly Elvina

Reiki master & healer

Ericka Ige

Business & Tech
Pro coach

What You’ll Receive:

Freedom Expanded

investment options for

We are going ALL IN on expanding your product suite, online presence, confidence and team so you can scale your business and align yourself with the massive wealth that you’ve been desiring. 

12 Group Calls

12 Expert Guest Trainings

Private Community Support

Additional Resources, 
Templates & Guides

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Ashley Mielke

meet your coach

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the rules of Corporate America, Online Business or Society in general?

Because I know I have. 

Corporate America had me convinced that I needed to blend in instead of stand out. For 7 years, instead of taking center stage, I stood in the background writing speeches that were read on national television, creating marketing campaigns that reached millions and scheduling features on Good Morning America for my bosses and wondering when it would be my turn to tell my story. 😅

Fast forward through the part where I ditched my corporate job and went full time in my online business, because odds are you’ve already achieved that brag-worthy goal.
If you’re anything like me, you have a pretty successful business… but you’re struggling to increase sales and visibility because you have a really hard time allowing yourself to be the center of attention… to truly tell your story.

show me how!

More value, more tips and tricks than anyone else, so my audience would see how much of an expert I was. 

I felt like I needed to give more

Like I needed to cater to all my potential clients to make sure they’d sign… be present in my Instagram DMs, take applications and try to sign them any way I could.

I felt like I to show up everywhere

I designed programs that were heavily focused on what the online industry “expected” out of certain offers and often over delivered to prove myself. 

I hired coach after coach

so I could be told what do without having to learn to trust myself or depend on making decisions on my own.

I let self doubt creep in

and conjure thoughts like, “Who am I to do this?” every single time I had a bigger and scarier idea that brought me closer and closer to my next big goal. 

And none of that shifted until I gave myself permission to step into my intuition and confidence. 

You want to learn how

In weird ways…

For me, it bled into my business

To be the center of my own Universe

I hired coaches who challenged me to trust myself and make decisions on my own. 

I created marketing campaigns for me and my clients that oozed with creativity and personality. 

I eliminated tips and tricks content and started talking about topics that didn’t make me feel like a Q&A box. 

I determined how people would work with me and didn’t bend my boundaries for anyone. 

I designed programs that got me excited regardless of what pricing, features or nonsense the industry was doing. 

I learned how to stop competing and start standing out in a way that never allowed me to find myself compared to the competition. 

Let's do this thing!

When I realized it was okay 

With every goal

sign up!

I started to believe… I’m the kind 
Of person who can do this.

 I built the Freedom Expanded Mastermind because your business shouldn’t have to settle and neither should you. 

Yes, you’ll learn sales and marketing skills that will skyrocket you into a universe completely different than the competition. 

But you’ll also learn how to scroll on Instagram, see a million different strategies, results and businesses and not wonder for a single second if you’re on the right path. 

You’ll start to see the latest marketing trends or strategies and think, “Nah, I’m good. I know what I want and I’m already creating it.” 

Got Questions?

We got answers

What happens after I submit my payment?

You'll receive a confirmation email with your next steps! Including how to join our private Facebook group, the Zoom link to save for when calls start on December 2nd and any VIP info you need for those who sign up for an upgraded plan.

How much does this program cost?

The total cost breaks down as follows:

Regular Program: $4500 PIF
Regular Payment Plan Options: 
6 Monthly Payments of $775
36 Weekly Payments of $133
VIP Experience with 1:1 Coaching and Voxer Support: $7000 PIF
VIP Payment Plan: 3 Monthly Payments of $2,666

There are discounts for early bird and workshop attendees, so don't miss out if you're here before prices raise! 

Can I join next time?

Maybe, but that won't be for months from now. Ask yourself truly, what kind of support you need right now? Can you do this on your own? And know you don't have to! (:

What level of business should I be at?

Clients who have the most success in this environment have usually landed at least 1-2 clients on their own. Many of my past mastermind clients have come into the program with sold-out private coaching offers or done for you services and are looking to expand. Others were trying to master consistency in sales and income in their business. If you've landed at least one client, odds are you've found yourself in the right place! If you're working towards 6 or multiple 6-figures... this is the program for you!

What's the time commitment?

2 weekly 60-90 minute coaching experience. Replays are available in case you can't make it live.

Calls take place on Tuesdays at 2:15PM EST and Thursdays at 6PM EST. 

On Tuesdays, Ashley will alternative between trainings with Q&As and open coaching sessions. 

On Thursdays, guest trainers will come to share their knoweldge and answer questions. 

When are the coaching calls?

Calls take place on Tuesdays at 2:15PM EST and Thursdays at 6PM EST. If you can't make it live to some of the calls, no worries. Replays are available!