A 14-day selling challenge to consistently sell your services, connect with your spicy hot leads and boost sales

Selling Challenge

Main Character


main character selling challenge

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What is the Main Character Selling Challenge?

A 14-day done-for-you content strategy combined with 1-2 selling prompts every day strategically created to increase your selling consistency, raise brand awareness for your services and boost sales


You get really excited to sell your offers but then get really worried about seeming too pushy or salesy so you go for weeks without ever talking about your services.

You want to help your audience by putting out a ton of educational content, but none of it seems to be working and you have no idea what else to post.

You feel lost and you’re not sure what to work on every day to move the needle forward - planning, content, sales pages, websites, conversations?

You rarely have conversations in your DMs with your followers because you’re not sure what to say and it feels like a really overwhelming battle that goes nowhere beyond small talk.

You never pitch your services because rejection feels TERRIFYING but it's seriously starting to impact cashflow. 

Help ME!

the results

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picture this

Record daily Instagram stories with confidence as it guides your brand new followers through their decision making process and into your DMs and applications?

Fill your audience with dream clients who love to hear what you have to say -- personal, sales, educational… they want it all?

Create content that finally has someone reach out to you and say, “can you tell me more about working with you” ?

Feel confident when you pitch in your DMs and sell on your stories because you know the people you’re talking to are ready for it?

Gain 60+ leads in the next 14 days, flood your DMs with qualified leads and start increasing sales calls?

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If you said yes to any of those things, it’s time to take on the 

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Want to know how I started to feel like a main character with an audience full of people who want to pay you?

It’s all inside this 14-day challenge!

Selling Challenge

Main Character

show me how!

I’ve had all the same limiting beliefs that are probably preventing you from landing more clients and making more cash than you ever thought possible. I thought things like:

🧠 Selling is gross and icky
🧠 People will be annoyed if all I do is sell my offer
🧠 I need to keep giving value and people will come
🧠 No one wants to hear what I have to say

All complete false beliefs that are not productive towards growing a multi-6 figure business.

I took on the challenge of ditching those limiting beliefs and selling everyday instead. And I found that if I did it strategically… my audience actually liked being sold to. 🤯

I posted content that guided them through their decision making process, handled their objections, created opportunities for them to talk with me and by the time they got on the sales call they were ready to process payment.

I literally built a 6-figure business on Instagram and it came through one sales activity a day. Now, it’s time for YOU to take on the challenge.

the feedback


3 stages of content you need to leverage to show your audience why they need to work with you now

2 proven strategies for finding brand new leads and starting conversations with them that leads to instantly deep connection

An understanding of the trickiest part of a DM conversation, transitioning from friendly conversations into services and sales

A way to track leads in a way that lets you know who is ready to buy from you and when

3 daily tasks that will always move your business forward

Confidence when you're pitching on your stories and in your DMs, because you're a main character who is the solution to everyone's problems


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This challenge was designed for serviced based business owners who want to...

Create strategic content to easily guide your brand new followers through their decision making process, handle their objections and sell them into your services without stressing about what to post

Increase the amount of daily sales activities you engage in so you can ultimately increase awareness for your life-changing services and boost sales

Have your DMs booming with qualified leads who see you as a main character business owner with the solution to all their problems → aka they want to give you their dolla dolla bills

Let's do this thing!

Want to peek inside?

⭐ 14-day challenge guide with 1-2 daily tasks proven to help you boost sales, including Instagram story prompts, conversation goals, pitch prompts, etc.

⭐ A 14-day attraction marketing content strategy to help guide your followers through the 3 stages of the buying process (no more guessing what to post to IG stories)

⭐ A customizable lead tracker that will help you add 60 new potential clients to your audience

⭐ A sales mindset journal guide to help you overcome limiting beliefs you may have around sales

⭐A video training to help you master the 3 stages of the buyer's journey, starting DM conversations, finding leads and booking sales calls in the DMs


The Cost

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Ashley Mielke

meet your coach

My name is Ashley Mielke and I’m a certified life and business coach for female entrepreneurs who want to master their main character energy through repeatable visibility, marketing, mindset and sales strategies that increase cash flow and reduce stress.

After 7 years working in corporate marketing and sales for companies like Disney and Universal, I got certified as a coach and leveraged all my years in business to help women trade soul-sucking jobs for life changing ones.

In just under a year, I scaled to multiple 6-figures by showing up as the main character in my life in business, leveraging Instagram as my main channel for marketing and sales and serving my audience through content that guided them through the big decisions they have to make.

I started daily sales in the first month of my business, posting daily to my stories, going live, messaging followers. I haven’t always been consistent and know how hard it is to fall off of daily posting or sales without a little bit of support in accountability.

This daily selling challenge is here to guide you to understand repeatable marketing and sales strategies AND hold you accountable to your goal of increasing your sales over the next 14 days! 

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What happens after I submit my payment?

You'll receive an email that contains information on all the next steps you should take --> including downloading your daily sales guide, 14-day content strategy, and access to the Facebook group archive where you can watch the training videos.

How much does this program cost?

What level of business should I be at?

Because the nature of this challenge is to increase sales, it doesn't matter if you've never signed a client or your operating a 6-figure business. No matter where you're at in business, this challenge is going to help you increase your visibility, brand awareness and sales activitity.

What's the time commitment?

You'll have one task assigned to you each day over the next 14 days. Tasks will range from 10-30 minutes. Time may vary depending on if you use the additional readings and resources provided and on individual completion.

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